OGS Tournaments

February 24, 2018   Palatka Crystal Cove Marina

$55,000.00 PLUS Paid to every Tournament

FEBRUARY 10, 2018   Okeechobee  Scott Driver Park

Limited to first 250 boats to pay $300 Deposit

March 17, 2018  Kissimmee Big Toho Marina

$10,000.00 paid to First Place

 April 14, 2018 Lake Seminole Sneads Park

     The creation of the OGS Florida Elite began when several anglers contacted OGS Tournaments stating why can't Florida have the same types of tournaments you find in other states.  Trails that pay back at least $10,000.00 first place at each tournament and give the competitors  an opportunity to win their entry fee back if they finish in the top 10 on just one tournament. 

     Thus, the creation of OGS Florida Elite.

     In a nut shell, the entry fee is $1200.00 per boat.  This entry fee covers the entry into all four listed tournaments.  You don't have to fish them all, but regardless if you fish or not, your entry fee will be included in all four tournament paybacks. Each tournament will have at a minimum of $55,000.00 paid back daily.  With a 250 boat maximum allowed entries, we started collecting entry fee deposits the day we announced. A $300.00 deposit will hold you a spot in the tournament with the remaining balance starting to be collected September 15 of 2017 through January 10, 2018.  I'm sorry to say, if we have not collected the maximum 250 deposits by September 10, 2017, we will cancel the event as a whole. If however we have the maximum 250 boats by that time, we will go forward with collecting the remaining balance and start to create a calling list of those who do not make the deadline.  The deposit is refundable if the trail is canceled or on a case by case basis. Any request for refund must be made prior to September 10 of each year.

        The quirk to this program, is once you have bought into the tournament you and your partner now hold a non- transfereable membership.  Not that we charge a membership fee, but by competing, and as long as you remain in good standing with the OGS Florida Elite trail, you will reserve your right to fish in the 2019 tournament.

     It is our hope each team enjoys the trail so much each team will hold this entitlement as a treasured blessing and will continue to support the trail year after year. This action would then leave several prospective members in waiting. Our suggestion is don't miss this opportunity to sign up.  It could take years to have an opening.  It is our goal to supply you the fishermen such an outstanding tournament experience you will never want to leave us. 

        Please check out the remaining rules.  You can use Pay Pal to pay your deposit if you so wish.  There is a $9.00 convenience fee for doing so due to the credit card company charging Pay Pal for the use of a credit card.  If you have a bank account assigned to your Pay Pal account please get with us and we will collect your payment seperately without a charge.  We look forward to serving you in the future.

Mike Oglesbee   

$1200.00 Entry Per Boat Due by January 10, 2018

Four Tournaments